“But to see your dreams play out before your eyes, to go somewhere both very real and yet entirely out of reach, is something else, something universal, something that people of every age, background, and ambition will want to experience. This is virtual tourism meeting its most epic potential, and the sort of project that really isn't for the players, but for the people.”

“As the Hillary Step neared, I felt my legs getting wobbly. In a flash I was up and over the Step, and peering across the Himalayas. Full confession: I had to close my eyes, and was a millisecond away from ripping the goggles off my face. It's that good.” 

“…one of the most spectacular use cases of virtual reality yet. ”

“Immersion is a funny thing. You never notice the point when you become fully embraced in the moment. I know I definitely didn’t realize how fully swept away I was by the scenery in front of my when I finally reached the summit. As I mentioned before, I have a fear of heights. Well, that fear took over when I stepped close to the edge. Vertigo kicked in, and I started to stumble. I nearly fell on my butt, and my brain thought I was about to fall to my death. My heart skipped a beat before I regained my footing. That, to me, is a powerful experience.”